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Adachi, Tokyo
Summer Fireworks

 July 19th, 2015

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Photo by Gemini st. on Flickr  

Adachi Fireworks Display

Adachi fireworks show is one of the most famous fireworks in Tokyo. It is also known for the fireworks show with history since the first firework held here was in Meiji period, about 100 years ago. Adachi fireworks welcomes over 600 thousands people by 12 thousands shots of the fireworks every year. The well-known “NIAGARA FALL” firework is 300 meters wide, and the “SHIDARE ZAKURA” which imitates the weeping cherry tree blooming is spectacular.

TripHugger team invites you to join our meet-up at the firework venue! We will reserve the space early in the day so you and your friends can chat with others comfortably with snacks and beer in hand. Furthermore, you will be able to meet us and other travel lovers on-line right after you decide to join our meet-up on TripHugger App. You can ask for information in the app, or simply just meet others in advance. We have a Japanese in our team to answer your questions, both in the app and during our event!

We also encourage you to try wearing Yukata, the beautiful Japanese traditional summer outfit. If you would like to purchase a Yukata, we will help to arrange a trip so an expert will lead you to purchase one and teach you how to dress. If you want to rent one, you could contact a Yukata rental stores and reserve a time slot with them.

We look forward to meeting you!

Shopping area nearby Kitasenju
The shopping area around Kitasenju station, the closest station to the Adachi firework place  
The firework place in day time
The firework place, Arakawa Kasenjiki Undo Koen, in the day time  


Adachi Fireworks Map
Adachi Fireworks Itenerary

~17:00 (Optional) Visit Ueno and/or Asakusa

17:00 Meetup with TripHugger HQ, Kitasenju station

17:00 - 18:30 (Optional) Dinner around the Arakawa Kasenjiki Undo Koen

18:30 - 19:30 Meet together and get snacks and beer at the place where TripHugger team prepare for you

19:30 - 20:30 Fireworks

20:30 ~ Say goodbye to each other


Period: Before 2015/07/10 or up to 20 participants

Price: $25 USD per person with no additional charges. Children under 6 are free. Please transfer the fee after you receive the email of booking details.

The fee includes:
1. A nice place kept for you by our staffs early in the morning in the super crowded firework place.
2. One drink (beer, tea, Japanese traditional pop soda, or water), snacks and friends and a Japanese staff that you can connect to.
3. Itinerary provided on TripHugger, suggestion and answers to all your questions.

The fee does not include:
1. Transportation
2. Personal spending

1. Please read through the description and notice above. If you agree both of them, please press “I agree” button. It will take you to the form for booking.
2. Fill in the form, and we will send you the email about booking details within 24 hrs.
3. After receiving the email, please trasnfer the fee according to the instruction in the email, and reply back to us when the payment is done.
4. We will confirm that you have completed the booking and you will get the invitation letter on the TripHugger iOS app to invite you to join the itinerary discussion. You can also discuss with us in the app if you have any question.


1. If you cannot join after finishing the booking, please send us an email to cancel it. We will confirm within 24 hours.
   a. If you cancel before July 11th, we will refund USD $22, after deducting the transaction fee.
   b. If you cancel between July 11th - July 14th, we will refund USD $10.
   c. If you cancel after July 15th, we are sorry that we cannot refund but we still welcome you to attend our next meetup.
   d. If you do not show up nor do you send us any cancellation, we will not refund and will not welcome you to attend our future events.
2. If the firework is cancelled, we will deduct the transaction fee and refund USD $22.
3. Please come to meet us at the designated place on time otherwise you might not be able to get in because of the crowds, and we will not be able to refund in this situation.