Iceland and water 4-1

‘In an Icelandic town, a school, a church, and a swimming pool, are the three essentials. ‘ Said by Runar, our local tour guide. The first two didn’t surprise me, but the third is quite interesting, I thought. Then we went to a local swimming pool to get an experience of how local lives. The pool […]

Sing with Heaven-Bali

When speaking of vacation, Bali first came to my mind. After watching the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, I had been holding a fantasy on Bali with its refreshing sea and inspiring mountains. Thus I planned this sweet trip with my BFF. For the purpose of relaxation, we didn’t put many spots in the itinerary; rather, […]

Dance with Ocean-Penghu, Taiwan

While our plane landed in Penhu, the glaring sunshine embraced us with its open arms. Penghu was extremely hot in summer with little shade, thus every citizen there owned perfect nature suntan without any color difference. In fear of sunburn, we were well-prepared to confront with the wild sunshine with a complete set of tools […]

Why we started TripHugger?

May, 2013. The weather was getting warm in China. We just closed a start-up and had learned enough about China for 2 years. Not only trying to figure out where the next location would be, we also started to discuss about ideas for our next start-up. We happened to be travel-mania. Traveling to Cambodia, Germany, […]