Why we started TripHugger?

May, 2013. The weather was getting warm in China.

We just closed a start-up and had learned enough about China for 2 years. Not only trying to figure out where the next location would be, we also started to discuss about ideas for our next start-up. We happened to be travel-mania. Traveling to Cambodia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, United States, Japan, Italy and China has made memorable chapters in our life. We want to help others to have more traveling with less inconvenience and more rewarding experience.

“Let’s try some ideas about Travel!”.  We started to do extensive brain storming and research about possibilities of having a wonderful solutions for travel lovers. Knowing that UI/UX design is crucial, we consulted lots of experts and were so lucky to find an excellent UI designer (I’ll definitely use another column to introduce her). TripHugger is the answer to all the problems we have ever met when we were planning trips together. We designed our solution to be mobile first to provide a handy tool for users to carry around when they’re on the way to some places. We spent a lot of time on building a good technical architecture to deal with the network connectivity problem which we always have on the road and the collaboration problem when a group of friends want to plan a trip together. We are currently staying in Tokyo and TripHugger, with the handy map attached to itinerary and suggested list of spots close by,  is a great companion to help us explore Tokyo and Japan.

We love what we do for TripHugger and we are very thankful to all the users who are keen to provide feedback and help us to make it better.

Our team is currently in Tokyo. Let us buy you a cup of coffee if you happened to be here

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