TripHugger Tips – Planning trip together with your friends

Cherry blossom season is coming to the south of Japan. Have you been ready with your travel plan?

If you and your travel mates all want to contribute ideas of place to visit, TripHugger is the one for you! One of you who start to create a travel plan is the “Leader”, and the rest of travel mates joined the travel planning are “Trip Mates”. Trip Mates can contribute travel spots that they want to visit to the poll list in the travel plan. Everyone can vote to make their most preferred place to the top of the poll list. Leader can then arrange the plan based on the ordering of preferred spots, and check if the route of travel showing on the map is satisfying by adjusting the sequence of visiting.

Use “Group Chat” to discuss and see what has been changed in the plan, making collaborative planning and sharing in real-time.

If a Trip Mate want to arrange the plan, Leader can use the “TRIPHUGGERS” list in the 2nd tab from the left, click on the cell of the Trip Mate, and assign the Trip Mate as the Leader. The ex-Leader will become a Trip Mate, and the new Leader will be able to do arrange the visiting sequence and do everything in your plan.

IMG_3365    IMG_3366

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